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Why Partner With MEP?

The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) is committed to developing a diverse workforce and has created programs and partnerships that span K – 16 for underrepresented minority students. Our commitment to diversity in the classrooms and in the workforce is essential to America's economic competitiveness.  Sustaining the nation's prosperity in the 21st century will require us to make effective use of the talents and abilities of all our citizens. 

Benefits of Partnering with MEP:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with Diversity Outreach, Recruitment, and Professional Development Programs
  • Early Identification of potential undergraduate and graduate students
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility among potential pool of candidates
  • A large pool of Students that are Prepared with key job readiness skills
  • Assistance with identifying and making Meaningful Connections with Scholarship Recipients
  • Experienced staff familiar with the latest research on innovative ways to engage, train and mentor students

For Additional information on how your company can create a beneficial partnership with the MEP office please contact

Lisa Barclay, Senior Director,  Diversity, Outreach & Inclusion at 614.292.0550 or email at: