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MEP Mission

The mission of MEP is to ensure that the talents of previously underrepresented ethnic minorities are included in the engineering profession so that an adequate supply of engineers is available to meet the manpower needs of our community, state and Nation; and to assure that all engineering students understand and appreciate diversity as prerequisites for optimum achievement in an increasingly diverse and global society. The program works to expand the participation of underrepresented ethnic minorities in the College of Engineering and in the engineering profession. Services are offered to students enrolled in the College as well as outreach to prospective students.


  • Increase the undergraduate student recruitment, enrollment and retention rates for ethnic groups historically underrepresented in the field of engineering.
  • Enhance existing efforts and develop new plans to improve the climate for underrepresented minority students. This includes hosting workshops, seminars, conferences and community events as well as building partnerships and alliances with other departments, universities and external organizations committed to diversity.
  • Implement and support outreach programs for students in grades K-12 to attract underrepresented minority students to engineering and The Ohio State University.
  • Involve alumni, corporate and foundation partners as well as families of underrepresented minority students in our college, campus and community-based diversity efforts.