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MEP Logo



The basis of our logo is the pyramid. A single face is shown symbolizing that as people we are one sharing a common origin. The various shades of the face remind us, though, that we are rich in diversity. The apex extending toward the heavens symbolizes excellence in all endeavors. On one side of the triangle are minority students making their way to the top, in pursuit of excellence. On the other side is the engineering profession, representing a constant quest for knowledge and innovation, seeking the betterment of mankind. The circle at the center represents the academy -the portal through which the students may acquire the knowledge, skills, and fortitude to reach the top.

The three lines emanating from the center, pointing in three directions represent the forward progress and intellectual insight of three groups which make up the MEP family: African, Hispanic, and Native American. These groups are represented respectively by the pyramid, the sphere, and the enhanced medicine wheel. The Great Pyramid of Cheops, a mystical, architectural and engineering wonder located on the continent of Africa has been chosen to represent our African-American population. The medicine wheel, a representation of the circular power of the universe and its forces, together with the peace pipe and eagle feathers, have been chosen to represent our Native American population. A shaded circle has been chosen to represent the Hispanic-American student population. The shades within the circle are representative of the various races and cultures within the Hispanic world, demonstrating unique, separate identities, yet working together as a whole. Finally, the program at the base represents the foundation-the totality of all resources activities, and efforts that support the students as they climb to the top .