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Current Students

Current students enrolled in the College of Engineering at Ohio State will earn a degree from one of the top engineering colleges in the nation and have many opportunities and resources available to them.

Our Minority Engineering Program (MEP) office serves by supporting our students as they navigate their engineering journey towards their undergraduate degree. Students often meet with MEP staff members to discuss their academic progress, review time management choices and develop soft skills for future opportunities. In addition, course preparation materials and tutoring are strongly encouraged to help students establish strong academic foundations as they move into their major coursework.  

MEP students have access to a collection of programs designed to foster a sense of community among underrepresented minorities and women engineering students. Students are encouraged to join our student organizations including both NSBE and SHPE. Students who maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better are invited to join our minority honorary organization, Lambda Psi. One of the ways to "Pay It Forward", our student organizations plan and implement outreach programs that help generate excitement about engineering. Also, our students are connected with peers, alumni, and industry partners through professional workshops, discussion panels, and industry site tours.

Overall, our MEP office is dedicated to helping our students thrive in the classroom, prepare for internships and co-op opportunities, and become highly productive future engineers in a diverse global society.